Hello! My name is Yining, and I'm a visual artist who specializes in motion graphics and illustration. I'm currently pursuing an MFA in Illustration and an MA in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. I really enjoy bringing creativity to concepts, storytelling, and branding for projects.

I have a lot of fun capturing fantastic, playful, and meaningful elements. My goal is to use visual works to effectively convey information behind the story or brand. I'm very passionate about the small things that make people think profoundly and help them discover new perspectives through my designs.
3x3 International Illustration Annual No.19 Merit, 2022
American Illustration 41 Chosen winner,2022
International Motion Art Awards 10 Selected, 2022
Port City Review, 2022
Communication Arts Illustration Competition Shortlist, 2022
Communication Arts Illustration Competition Shortlist, 2021
Creative Quarterly 62 Winner, 2020
World Illustration Awards, Shortlist, 2020 

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