CoMotion is SCAD’s annual student-led motion media conference that attracts 40+ top-industry motion design companies each year. For 2023's concept that from cave paintings drawn under torchlights to the invention of the camera, art and light have always been interlinked. As the future of motion design steps into the spotlight at CoMotion 2023, we celebrate the diversity of stories and storytellers that pursue light.
I was one of the designers in the SCAD CoMotion 2023 Design Team. Here are the works I designed for title sequence style frames and animated for social media promotion. Check out the such a talented and creative team.
Project: CoMotion 2023 
Role: Design, Animation
Subject: Conference branding
Style Frame Design
Here is the part of the design style frame and process Iteration I designed.
CoMotion 2023 Title Sequence
Here are designs for Instagram grid I designed.
Final Instagram grid design by our design team.
Here is our team!! 
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