Chengyu is a type of Chinese idiomatic expression that consists of four characters. These expressions reflect the values, beliefs, and wisdom of Chinese culture and are used in various contexts, such as literature, art, business, and everyday conversation. They are widely used in the Chinese language and culture to convey complex or abstract concepts in a concise and memorable way. The purpose of this project is to redesign a series of visual expressions for Chengyu, providing them with a fresh visual identity. This innovation aims to highlight the meaning and unique expression of select Chengyu.

Art Director/Illustrator
Yining Li
Tanaya Khadke
Dee Divakaran
Yining Li
Tzu Kai Lin
01: This idiom is used to metaphorically describe unrealistic and unattainable wishes.
02: This story has been used to metaphorically describe the act of imitating others without success and losing one's own originality.
03: This phrase was used metaphorically to describe the act of volunteering or recommending oneself to undertake an important task or responsibility.
04: This is used to metaphorically describe a person who has been frightened before and is now easily scared by any slight noise or movement.
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